Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Layout Notes in avt2 RC2 20091230

I just uploaded layout notes on
They are under, There are the layout histories about Qi's reference design board. We are the open team for everything on h/w platform. If you are interested with this open linux-based platform about consumer products, for example portable game player, mp3 player, dictionary, nano notebook or even like a high platform which can control Arduino board. Then you can use Qi's Ben NanoNote or its reference design board to reach variable applications. Check it if you want to follow hardware development, feedback welcome.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

avt2 RC1 reference board

I just posted this specifications on Qi wiki page.
* 336 MHz XBurst Jz4720 MIPS­compatible CPU
* display: 8­bit RGB / ITU 656/601 data format input of TFT display.
* dimension (mm): 94.5 x 65
* DRAM: 64MB Synchronous DRAM
* headphone jack (3.5 mm)
* SDHC microSD
* support 850mAh charge limited 4.2V  Li­ion battery
* 2GB NAND flash memory
* mini­USB: USB 2.0 High­Speed Device
* micro­AB USB: USB 1.1 Host
* serial console
* speaker and microphone
* 58 Keys

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jiaosi SieTian Temple, 宜蘭縣勅建礁溪協天廟

I'd like to know myself a little bit, so I went to SieTian Temple again to ask something that I firmly knew it about mine. After prayed, the aneswer is same as my thought. So i were happy and shocked beacuse all over the world that so many clinical diagnoses like me. Ok...then I think sometimes the ancient precepts who never cheat you. I must success then can post solutions in the future for those people like me. I will be like some sorts of asking patient to abstain from smoking. It won't too easy to do. But must to change and prove it.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Start on Wikipedia Syntax Learning

I am very happy that I can provide my contributions to, also including my blog here.

Learning something new is always a thanksgiving thing to someone. This is the job also interesting one. No one can block your idea or opinoin except unceasingly made a comment or criticism from others. Then learning or growing from overseas. It's real different from my previous Taiwanese job career type.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Pen Drive is dead

Shit! My pen driver is dead today. it shows that please format it. I didn't do that. So I tried to find any save disk program can survive it. Then I found it....that's the R-Studio

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to Record Skype Calls

Due to our meetings through skype..but my listening is not good.  so this recording tool can help me to practice english listening's the tool.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Movenpick 莫凡彼冰淇淋 friend bought me a lunch, almost like X'mas festival. Thanks my friend. The weather was so such ..cold today. This ice cream can let me felt the X'mas almost arrived now...this restaurant is came from Movenpick. I like this cute model.

Is there Any Open TV Platform in the Near Future

As title, is there any open hardware platform about TV even LCD display in the near future? I was thinking this couple months the answer is EXSITING.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


當我見這新聞時,我也想自己犯過同樣的錯誤,但若錯誤持續發生,這代表著甚麼涵意? 正如戴導演所言吧!!! 媒體從娛樂新聞的角色企圖搶得頭家的同時,卻失去客觀公正的報導倫理。我的生命過程中是否會存在著媒體的耳濡目染所影響,而能自律且能克服?各媒體人豈有萬般能耐可要求民眾盡能皆知?祇有時刻的提省自己。





How's this coffee which is made by Mr. Brown Coffee? Actually it's quite not specially enough but beautiful one! Every bit is coming from creative idea if you have enthusiasm inside your heart, isn't it?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's Equivalent Circuit and Paramenters of Crystal

Many digital circuit it needs external crystal for microprocessor. And usually the datasheet tells you its input & output capacitance. So how you choose a Xtal's with correct parameters? The following descriptions can give you a formula.
Equivalent Circuit and Paramenters:

Equivalent Series Resistance ( R1 ):
The resistance is motional resistance ( series ) in the equivalent electric circuit. 
Motional inductance ( L1 ):
The inductance is the motional inductance ( series ) in the equivalent electric circuit.
Motional Capacitance ( C1 ):
The capacitance is the motional capacitance ( series ) in the equivalent electric circuit.
Shunt Capacitance ( Co ):
Shunt ( parallel ) capacitance ( Co ) is the capacitance between the crystal terminals. It is defference in package, usually it is less than 7.0pF.
Load Capacitance ( CL ):
The load capacitance is the circuit equivalent capacitance looking the circuit system from the two wire leads of crystal. The operation frequency in the circuit is defined by load capacitance and crystal.
C1C2: capacitor which is connected
CL = [(C1*C2)/(C1+C2)] + Cstray CU1
Cstray : stray capacitance
CU1: IC’s input/output capacitance
Cstray and CU1 may varies from 2 to 6pF

A mobile life in the near future, as envisioned by NTT DOKOMO

How we can imagine that the near future of mobile life? The NTT DOKOMO is moving on...
Those basical techs are :
a) e-paper
c) 3.5G
d) 3D-interfaced
e) etc

so what they promoted couple of mature applications are as:
1) Vitual Museum & Advanced Search System
2) Simultaneous Interpreter Syttem
3) Virtual Edo
4) Hybrid Mobile Unit
5) Mobile Rehabilitation Robot
6) Nature Monitoring System
7) Mobile ID Security System
8) Automated Safety Drive System
Incredible!!! Better life is coming from big company...hope while they developing and still keep a wonderful and perfect earth's environment surrounding us....I think that i am / will feel it as well..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to Solder RXD/TXD/GND in Ben NanoNote

This article is for Ben NanoNote's wiki page, you can also check here to know all the info in Qi Hardware's wiki page.

    One wants to solder [1] extension wires for Ben NanoNote’s serial console test points. Since the Ben has that 3 test points (RXD, TXD & GND), it originally works as TEST POINTs on temporarily experimental or measurable purpose NOT permanently extendable one. Its original trace layout doesn’t allow you to do this under improper soldering method or carelessness. But if you still want to use serial port for a long while, this article can give you some guide lines.
    Ben NanoNote
Tool & Material
    Soldering Station with a suitable conical type of soldering tip [2]
    Soldering Wire 0.5Φ diameter [3]
    Wire-Wrapping Wire 30AWG [4]
    Multi-function wire stripper [5]
Frequent Failures When Soldering
    Condition a, Test points ( Pads ) are broken from pcb surface
    Condition b, Trace with Test Point is pull out
Figure 1
    With improper soldering method or carelessness, you probably get either both or one of them.
Knowledge about Soldering
     Since the iron soldering tool can easily let you join two metallic surfaces into one, you need to be careful about your soldering head temperature, how many seconds you use and how about your craftsmanship you have. Before you start to do the following steps, you can also check the physical theory a little bit or ask anyone possessed of senior soldering skills to help you.
     Through [1], you can see more soldering articles for your reference. Also you can check here [7] to know HOW TO SOLDER first.
A . Soldering Accessories
     A 900M-T-1 size of soldering iron tip can be suitable for this process. You can choose a 1 or 3 marked tip as following figure. The marked 2 or 4 is not recommended.

Figure 2
Figure 3
    A 0.5mm diameter soldering wire is better.
Figure 4
    Also using a 30AWG of wire wrapping wire or equivalent AWG wire is recommended.
Figure 5
    Why choose so tiny diameter accessories? Please see next figure then you will easily realize. Unless you are an expertise with great craftsmanship in soldering field, I do really recommend that using them.
Figure 6
B. CLEAN up test points and wires
 The TXD (TP75) and RXD (TP74) are shown as below. Or see [8] [9] to understand their location. Clean up the surface of test point and wires first, you can just follow “ 2. SURFACE PREPARATION: CLEAN” instructions of [7] to do this step. Novices can make the mistake of overheating the parts as they try to force the solder to stick. This will usually result in irreversible damage and force you to scrap pads, trace or even BEN Nanonote.
                                               Figure 7                                          Figure 8
C. Tinning
     Contacts of both test points and wires must be tinned before attempt to solder. So now do tinning process on 3 test points and terminal of three wires as next figure as well. Some wire wrapping wire already have been tinned on its surface, you can just use a wire stripper to strip away the tip of the insulation to expose the copper wire within. Otherwise you must lightly coat it with solder. You must also tin the tip of the iron to help conduct heat to the components.
Figure 9
D. Applying Heat and Solder
     Before doing this step of real solder you can reference this video [10] to see how solder will be the better. “With the tinned soldering iron in hand, you are now ready to heat the components. Rest the iron tip on both the wire lead and the PCB. It will only take one or two seconds to heat the components up. Once you have heated up the wire and the circuit board, solder can be applied. Touch the tip of the strand of solder to the heated wire lead and the solder pad on the circuit board, but not to the tip of the iron. At this point, the solder will flow freely around the wire lead and the pad. Once the surface of the pad has been completely coated, you must stop adding solder and then, quickly remove the soldering iron. Do not move the newly formed joint for a few seconds until the solder cools down and becomes solid. Moving the joint at this point will cause a formation of a cold joint.”
Figure 10
E. Clean up
    Clean up again on all soldered area.
F. Fixed by glue or other adhesive tape
     Using any adhesive tape or glue is to protect wire-wrapping wires away from heavy extra-loading forced to bend wires, pull out test points or break trace shown as figure 1. If you’d prefer to use usb power rather than battery, you can just do like as following figure or use adhesive tape to protect those three soldered point.
Figure 11

Monday, December 14, 2009

Experiment of Ben NanoNote's Charge Cycle

I just edited this at Qi Hardware wiki. So you can also see this article here.

Purpose of Experiment 
    To understand that how does Ben NanoNote’s charge cycle work.

Test Product
    BEN NanoNote

    Agilent 34401A Multimeter
    CHY 48R Multimeter

Methods of Connection
    Current connection:

Figure 1
Figure 2
State Diagram of a Typical Charge Cycle
Figure 3
Study System Voltage Specification
Before this experiment, let’s see how Ben’s design and how to choose low voltage detector first. Because the Ben has jz4720 VDDIO voltage (2.97~3.63V) see page 24 of datasheet [1], the NANAD FLASH K9GAG08U0M has Vcc range (2.7~3.6V), also SDRAM P3V56S40ETP has VDD range (3.0~3.6V). So a low voltage detector circuit that can shut down the cpu jz4720 when monitors Battery’s voltage goes down -VDET (2.94~3.06V) detected by BL8506-30NRM, and the Battery has a over-discharge protect voltage 2.25V.
Figure 4

Through figure 4, we can easily know the best working power voltage for ben should be between upper limited 3.6V of SDRAM and lower limited 3.0V of SDRAM. That’s their intersection. Of course if there’s an sdram with widely working voltage like nand flash at lower 2.7V. That would be good to lengthen discharging time. But then the intersection becomes 2.97V caused by cpu. Since battery cell has overdischarge protect voltage 2.25V, strongly recommended that the software should be possessed of a detector of monitoring battery voltage under 3.0 voltages to make sure sdram can work normally. That’s the reason why ben has a low voltage detector BL8506-30NRM [3] which is based on 3.0±0.06 V detection precision ±2%.

Charge Status Indicator (CHRG), pin1 of SE9016
From its datasheet [2], this pin can output three status: strong pull down(~ 10mA), weak pull down (~20uA) and high impedance. So D3 LED can be as indicator shown if charging or not.

Experimental Data
From SE9016 datasheet [2], when BEN is on Power ON mode (Display On) , PW_ON_N is low; so RPROG = R15 = 10KΩ, from Data collection, IBAT = (VPROG / RPROG ) * 1100, then we can calculate VPROG inversely from measured IBAT.
Before measurement, make sure that the battery is above 3.06V, otherwise the low voltage detects will tell s/w to shut down cpu and will enter POWER OFF mode. This experiment will split into two modes to measure different charge current.

Case a: POWER ON mode, PW_ON_N is low, Display ON, Slow charging
Case b: POWR OFF mode, PW_ON_N is high, Display OFF, Fast charging
We firstly let BEN entered into POWER ON mode to keep the RPROG equaled to 10KΩ, not 2 KΩ. (if enters POWER OFF mode, the high PW_ON_N will let Q3 TM2302FN turned on then RPROG is R14//R15. see figure 2). From the measured data [4] or figure 5 and 6. The data is a result that starts from 3.6V battery and charges it until ascending theoretically preset 4.2V charge voltage with ±1% accuracy thus 4.158V. Experimentally a 4.145V measured. When the bat pin approaches the final float voltage (4.2V), the SE9016 enters constant-voltage mode and the charge current begins to decrease. We can realize it needs 16.8 hrs from 3.6V to 4.2V.

Figure 5
Figure 6

There’s a voltage called “overdischarge protect/preventing voltage” for lithium-based battery. After measured Ben’s descendant voltage during its discharging, a 2.3V measured then battery inside turn off its output voltage to 0V. This is within its specification 2.25~2.35V. So can let Ben’s SE9016 acted as following figure.
Figure 7
Once VBAT > 2.8V and VPROG > 100mV, SE9016 charges as next figure which is stated in CC/CV mode.
Figure 8
Now let Ben entered to POWER OFF mode to keep the RPROG equaled to 2 KΩ. (R14//R15. see figure 2). From the measured data [4] or figure 9 and 10. The data is a result that starts from 3.2V battery and charges it until ascending preset 4.2V charge voltage with ±1% accuracy thus 4.158V. Experimentally a 4.135V measured. It needs 2.68 hrs from 3.2V to 4.135V. Afterwards, SE9016 enters constant-voltage (CV) mode and the current begins to decrease. The plot of figure 7 & 8 doesn’t include data of CV mode.
Figure 9

Figure 10
The standby mode of SE9016 didn’t experiment. Also see figure 8 in blue flow. To manually restart a charge cycle when in standby mode, the input voltage ( usb power ) must be removed and reapplied or the charger must be shut down and restarted using the PROG pin.

This result of experiment may be based on unique battery applied and referenced. You can also find this standard battery technology in many other devices. Ben batteries share the characteristics common to lithium-based technology in other devices. Like other rechargeable batteries, these batteries may eventually require replacement.



Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guns N Roses - Chinese Demoncracy World Tour - Taipei Concert

Be an endless paradise heart inside of mine.... endless fan i matter whoever around the world critizes him or not......he's AXL.....who cares.....when you really realiy to be a fan to him matter what age he is/will...fatter/thinner....that's him...
I watched tons of clips in Youtube....If you love'll love him too
because that has already been my part of life during teenage. I sincerely cherish it.
I think that I won't forget this 2009/12/11 in my life, Guns N Roses concert tour of Asia's first station dedicated to the Taipei Taiwan. I like a few tens of tune, there appeared such as Chinese DemacracyKnocking on Heaven's DoorNovermber Rain which this time he played piano by himself too. Actually he sang twice "December" Rain.....jeje...I liked it. because it was really rainning at that time. Welcom to the JungleSweet Child O' MineParadise City, in particular, although I watch away games, the audience sang along with the beat beat time to sing Knocking On Haven's Door, I was almost came out of tears around eye's corners. After say good bye, Guns N Rose continued to open singing, the audience wild. I was no exception. like it, there is no great truths, even if he appeared an hour later! So what ! That's him, and he is still the same as before I like. 
Here is the setlist for this show:

1. Chinese Democracy
2. Welcome To The Jungle
3. It's So Easy
4. Mr. Brownstone
5. If The World
6. Live And Let Die *Richard Fortus Solo (James Bond Theme)
7. There Was A Time *Frank Ferrer Drum Solo *Tommy Stinson Bass Solo
8. My Generation (Stinson vocals)
9. I.R.S.
10. Rocket Queen *Dizzy Reed Piano Solo
11. Street Of Dreams *DJ Ashba Solo
12. Sweet Child O' Mine *Band Jam
13. November Rain *Ron Thal Solo (Pink Panther)
14. You Could Be Mine
15. Shackler's Revenge
16. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

**--- ENCORE ---**

17. This I Love *Band Jam
18. Better
19. Paradise City

Look at my achievement from shopping! I bought T-Shirt and a hat. I am loving it. A close look at the back of my shirt Oh!!?? is the Asian tour of the country location, had the opportunity to visit the first tour station in Taipei of it's concert. If you want to know about them, you can go to 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Taiwan Panorama Magazine

I'd like to introduce a magazine that I love to read it so much, especially as long as I have time then I read article from them, then I really feel better after reflashed my brain. It's the Taiwan Panorama Magazine, i first read it during my senior high school. Even I've been subscribed a year at that time. Until now I still subscribe it but in the internet. I was attracted to its beautiful translation, in particular, it is in caring for all of Taiwan's bit by bit. Through it, you will learn even more profound about Taiwanese culture. Hope you can enjoy.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Selling avt2 board from Qi Hardware Inc.

If you like linux world, also includes Ingenic jz4720 CPU, USB host/device, 64MB SDRAM, 2GB Flash with serial console connector which can let you access to and from laptop, then you can buy this avt2 reference board.

You can get all open sources here:
hardware, schematic, pcb files, gerber files

Having this avt2 board, you can participate with the development of Qi Hardware Inc. next product.

Monday, December 7, 2009

How to Playcement and Layout Bypass Capacitor Sequencing with Vils

Bypass Capacitor is used to bypass the power supply or other high impedance component of a circuit. I found that any through vils applied in board design, you must to know what the signal you want to let it pass through and what signals you want to eliminate as more as possible. For example, there's a capacitor needed placement as close as LCD FPC connector with 10uF/10V. but how you route the trace on board?
 The above placements of vils are not perfect. You can see the descriptions of bypass capacitor first.Then you can check Parasitic Inductance of Bypass Capacitor II to know what's relationship between your vils with your bypass capacitor? and how's the parasitic inductance of bypass capacitor?

Putting aside the very basics of the theory, let us use the simplest principles of the road point of view, in the end the diameter of vil how we choose? First of all, if one has a four-lane highway through the lane, and then an A at suddenly reduced to two lanes of carriageway; but through the B Division turned back after the four-lane carriageway, what will it happen? A result, will be have traffic jam phenomenon before entering the A, but once through A then becomes smooth into two lanes. After a B point, the phenomenon of traffic congestion would not occur again. 

Back to the original topic, if the bypass capacitor connected to vil which its circumference range as long as alike AB, and then also if the original trace width and following trace width is inconsistent, there will be unintended consequences.
If track width is 0.0118", then the both terminal side of each wire trace, the vils should bigger than track width;
for example:
        track width = 0.0315", 
        through vil's diameter = 0.0118"
        then the length of the circumference (c) = 2 * 3.141592 * ( 0.0118 / 2 ) = 0.037"
since we are not sure normally the quality on processing vils on pcb maker, so the most safe way is to put
2 pcs of 0.0118" through vil (total equivalent width = 0.037 * 2 = 0.074) on the two ends of trace.

From above illustration, you can see either 2πis shorter than layer 1 trace width or layer 2 trace width, you will have a wrong choose on vil width type or amount of vils.

Let's go back a little bit of theory side, please reference to this in advance. Through it, in general, if you want to have an overall quick view, you can watch its Index by Keyword for your like hand book.

To be continued.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Qi Hardware Inc. has Kicad version reference design

Qi Hardware Inc. just finished pcb and gerber files used by Kicad free tool, i am double checking these great results. You can see here to know all of them.

Ben Nanonote Taking Fun with Games

It's really great news that Ben Nanonote now can play games, you can see here, thanks to David & XiangFu. In the future, maybe Ben Nanonote can be as a portable game player once wifi module runs stable. You can also go to official site here to see it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

charging questions on ben nanonote

i sent an email to list for asking following questions, also you can see the following reply messages here.
When I measured Ben's charging circuit, I have some questions for s/w hacker:

a) how kernel know that the battery charging if done or in charing?
     Using ADIN0 (pin 92) of jz4720 to check voltage of VBAT? this pin is directly connected to battery cell.
     If you use this to judge, how you manage s/w to shut down ben when battery's voltage goes down under 2.94V?
     you can see [1] &[2], to know SHUTDOWN (GPD6) can tell cpu when components U7 [3] found there's a low voltage detected,
     so means that you may need to do something on software to do store & save tasks then turn off device.

b) has anyone used net name called "CHARGE_N" thus GPC27 (pin 69) of jz4720?
    what status did you initial this pin? input or output? have any help to you?
    Why I asked these questions? Please see [4],
ch1 = CHARGE_N / GPC27 of jz4720
 ch2 = pin 1 of U5 SE9016
I am thinking that using this "CHARGE_N" pin(GPC27) [5] as input then you can let cpu known the status if charging is done or not by h/w, not judge only by ADIN0; so then maybe you can code an icon at UI to let user know that the device is at usb charging mode or battery mode.
Sorry I don't know s/w side. Thanks a lot.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Easy Book 上網通GL-740

最近有人傳這個Easy Book 上網通GL-740 資訊給我, 其實我在 Shenzhen 時已經看到很多這類產品; 大陸都稱它為"上網本"; 超輕的, 只有 0.68Kg; 跟 Qi Hardware Inc. 的產品有類似喔!!! 但  Qi Hardware 的 Ben Nanonote 是要外掛 MicroSD wifi module 才可上網, 但都是用  Ingenic 的 CPU.

Some waveforms about Ben Nanonote of Qi Hardware Inc.

I just curious on Ben Nanonote h/w, so I took some waveforms on its board. For much understanding that h/w behaviour, so collected some waveforms about Ben Nanonote and avt2 reference board. You can refer to here [1] to know. Since the avt2 board [2] is the reference developed from with Ben, you can directly check [3] for your reference, taking them you may easily understand how Ben works like power on or off sequences.


Gold Phoenix PCB Co.,Ltd

I found another new pcb maker called Gold Phoenix PCB Co.,Ltd.
I hopefully can contact with this vendor which is located near the Wuhan Dong Hui Industry Zone.

Monday, November 30, 2009


有一天我在 yahoo 知識問問題, 是有關五穀米的事, 請看這裡 . 結果我昨天打電話問問看我那兩位姪女日近日可好~結果~大的她第一句話是 " 阿龍叔叔~~我幫你回答了賣五穀米飯糰的問題囉!!!"

我傻眼~劈頭就訓了她一下~"妳喔~叫妳好好讀書~不讀~從花蓮回宜蘭拼命逮到機會就上網~真是~", 最後我還是謝謝她囉~可愛的姪女.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hongshulin Danshui / 紅樹林淡水散步

For taking the time today, went to the Hongshulin Station  then started walking slowly  to the Danshui Station. The following of course is on the way to harvest.
When I discovered only when it was fast and light to catch a fish already, I was too late to catch;
There I like Ipomoea nil.
Cycling alongside the works of the doodles, but how that people found and felt about this "art" when got up in the morning!
Arrival to Danshui station, first thing was went to satisfy my stomach. I always want to eat meat buns and attractive 40-year, then just continued to walk to. If tired, just sit somewhere and took 
overlooking Bali from the opposite side, listening the sound of people come and go.
Watch the street performers, my hearts always throbbing, especially when I watch tear doll played. Children sit at the side like as a ring, and some children being frightened, some unthinkingly embraced the doll. It was a great warm inside my heart. 

今天抽空去了紅樹林站, 想說在捷運紅樹林站下車慢慢散步走到淡水站去. 當然途中有一點小收穫囉.

當我發現這隻時它正快速且輕盈地叼起溪水裡的一隻魚, 我來不及捕捉嘴叼魚的剎那;ㄏㄏ,
自行車道旁的塗鴨作品, 不過這人家當初早上起來發現不知心情如何, ㄏㄏ
到了淡水~先甜飽肚子後~往淡水老街去~我總是要去吃愛不釋手的40年肉包~就這麼繼續散步去~累了~就坐著遙望對面的八里與觀音山~ 聽聽人來人往的歡笑聲.

每次觀賞街頭藝人表演~心中總是非常悸動, 尤其是~扯玩偶的技耍~看著三四歲的小孩環坐一旁, 有的小孩被嚇著了~有的不假思索地就擁抱著玩偶~嬉戲弄了一番~這畫面心理好溫馨~

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Any Citiaens Living in Jiangjin City in the Mainland / 尋找居住在四川省江津市一帶的市民

If anybody interested in this topic, please kindly contact me; my home province is surranding Jiangjin city juction between Gui Lin province and Sichuan province; I would like to know that in the vicinity of the bit by bit. I know the Internet is here in the Mainland which doesn't access on google blog, but any Jiangjin citizens living abroad and if aware of all Jiangjin; please also told me eveything about there, thank you.
如果誰有對這主題感興趣的人, 歡迎請跟我連絡; 我的老家在貴林省與四川省重慶江津市交接處; 我想知道那附近一帶的點點滴滴. 我知道在內地上網是瀏覽不到 google blog 的, 但任何旅居海外的江津市民們, 若有知道江津的一切; 也可告訴我, 謝謝.

Gesture Recognition / 姿勢識別

Regarding to gesture recognition technology, can be found here; the application of this technology will be launched in the next wave of Wii-like or the iPhone-like ; I recommend you would like to know the application of such technology can be to search for MIT's CSAIL. Will be able to find a the latest applied research. Of course, the wiki search is the fastest way! Http://, the application of this one example is The Future of Shopping. I personally think that the future of these can be done:
a) small-scale teaching platform for the establishment of an interactive curriculumb) medical rehabilitation platformc) large-scale interactive gamed) Any athlete with the physical posture correction for power between the best performance tuning tutoriale) trading platform for interactive shopping

Too many ~ ~, thinking of all think that the future of science and technology life is very 

關於姿勢識別的技術, 可以參考這裡; 這項技術的應用在未來定會掀起一波 Wii 或 iPhone 般的浪潮; 我推薦大家想知道這類技術的應用, 可以至 MIT 的 CSAIL 搜尋. 一定可以找到最新的應用研究.
當然上 wiki 查是最快的囉 !  , 這個的應用其中的一個例子就是 The Future of Shopping. 我個人認為以後這些可以做 :
a) 小型教學互動式課程平台建立
b) 醫療復健平台
c) 大型互動遊戲機
d) 任何運動員姿勢矯正與物理作功間的最佳效能調整教程
e) 互動式購物交易平台
很多吧~~, 想到都覺得未來的科技生活很不可思議吧

Friday, November 27, 2009

Guns N' Roses 2009 亞洲巡迴台北演唱會

CPUAMD, 你 Guns N' Roses 的歌詞都記得了嗎?12/11號快到了, 趕快練習去......我已經迫不及待想進場了, 感覺自己就像是一隻被關了25年束縛很久很久的動物一樣, 想大聲撕吼去唱~~~Knocking on Heaven's door 敲敲上帝的門
Hey CPUAMD, you Guns N 'Roses lyrics of all remember it? They are coming on Dec. 11th, quickly ...... I can not wait to go there, and felt like one was imprisoned for 25 years, long, long time constraints, like animals, like to sing loud tearing roar ~ ~ ~ Knocking on Heaven's door knock on the door of God.

Pulmonary Function Tests and Bronchial Challenge Testing

As usual, I went to the hospital today, everytime when enter the hall on the first floor, I heard wonderful music came from the volunteers performed , and I feel like I am on the heavenly comfortable; but this time not the same, is to do pulmonary function tests and bronchial challenge testing . It made me recall Dad's time, not quite like this feeling, but if I can rule out further understand the issue then feel much better. Gratitude to those kind volunteers, unmitigated walked up and down to help with; with a warm gentle smile, warm the hearts inside of mine a lot. And later, I back to auscultation reported today that my stone in mind has also put down.

今天又固定去醫院的日子, 每次進大廳一樓, 聽到來至志工美好的表演樂曲, 心情有如上了天堂般的舒暢; 但這次不一樣, 是去做肺部功能檢查與支氣管誘發試驗. 這讓我憶起老爸的當時, 不是很喜歡這種感覺, 但想起如果可以進一步知道排除問題, 也就心情好些多了. 感恩那些慈祥的志工, 無怨無悔的走來走去幫忙著; 加上一張張親切和藹的笑容, 心中溫暖好多. 回頭聽診今日報告, 心中一顆石頭也放下了. 

但我也還是不知是啥原因讓我很容易喉嚨咳咳的, 上網再查了一下, 竟也發現有人似乎也跟我一樣; 我先記的好了; 醫生也說胃酸逆流也會有可能造成這個原因. 但我胃這些年也都還好, 雖有去看過, 但也是沒事; 總之, 西醫要看; 其他我要用自己的方法求解. 

Thursday, November 26, 2009

How do I determine the true and false black glutinous rice? 如何判定黑糯米真假?

Since the appearance of the black glutinous rice bran layer contains the most water-soluble plant pigments, so in appearance, there are black, dark purple or red, etc. colors, so immersed in the water, the plant pigment will be dissolved. In general, to distinguish whether the staining of the black glutinous rice glutinous rice of the way, you can buy back the black glutinous rice of the bran layer removed, if the internal rendering such as general glutinous rice-like white, compared with the normal of the black glutinous rice; if the internal rendering color or irregular distribution of pigment, you may stain the glutinous rice.

如果想知道如何判斷黑糯米的真假, 可以參考官方說法.為甚麼我想要找這種資訊勒?因為我就是忽然想要吃飯糰, 但是想找一些健康早餐; 譬如五穀米之類啥的. 住家附近最近有了一攤專門賣飯糰的早餐, 就跟她買了黑糯米飯糰; 但實在不知道它的真假, 因為台灣現在的不肖黑心業者太多了, 雖然我很痛惡農委會; 但剛好找到這個資訊, 不過身為政府農業主管機關, 這裡面的問與答內容也未免太少了些! 臺灣有多少農作物阿?只能說, 求助政府, 不如自助!

所以阿!! 大家想知道多一點有關稻米的資訊, 還是去 wiki 上看看好了, here.
公民新聞  或 糯米的加工介紹.

The Future of Shopping

This kind of tech you can see here to know how this could be implemented.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Materials of Vegetables

Two weeks ago I started drinking the following fruits and vegetables are combined to carry out the body's basic test. 

I would like to do the pH test after carrying out over 1 or 2 weeks. In fact, whether it will definitely be the best way to adjust the body's acid-base properties, that would be the minor thing. Maybe I just feel that I've been taken for a long time of eating outside for many years, and this is not good. Having the opportunity to have available time that being able to read more popular books, like that traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine teaching people to do self-recover of your body. That would be great. However, I do not believe that all health methods better than keeping the hearts of the most pleasant to live which is a majority. If you want to see more that how Naturopathic Medicine can improve your health and the health of your family, you can ref. to here.

前兩周我開始都喝著以下的蔬果組合, 進行身體的鹼性試驗. 我想再過一兩周後再進行酸鹼值檢測. 其實不管是不是一定會要將身體的酸鹼屬性調整到最好, 到也是其次的問題; 也許是覺得這些年外食族很久了, 想說這樣不好. 有機會時候應該可以多多參考坊間的書籍介紹, 認識到中醫與自然醫學如何教導人們自行恢復健康.  但我相信所有的健康方法都沒有比永遠要保持最愉快的心來過生活的重要. 如果有想要多知道一些自然醫學的資訊, 可以參訪這裡.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

美国高中物理教材《Physics—Principles and Problems》之特色分析

1, Analysis of Features
From life into the physics, from physics to society. This preliminary analysis of how the leading scholars of our daily life means, interpretation of physics. Construction of the students how easy it is to foresee what happened around the various physical phenomena, resulting in a kind of enjoy the experience of living Science and satisfaction.
2,Pratical Iink
In this link,  you could have a glimpse into the practical approach of this textbook to understand how the United States practices.
3, Official book web

1, 特色分析:
    從生活走進物理, 從物理走向社會. 這篇初步分析引領學界如何以生活化的方式,進行物理學的演譯. 建構學生如何輕易地預見周圍所發生的各種物理現象, 產生一種享用體驗生活科學的滿足感.
2, 實用連結
    在這連結裡, 可一窺美國這本教材的實務作法.
3, 官方書網

Saturday, November 21, 2009

PhET 互動式教學

I surveyed many educational tutorials, but I still haven't found that any web or orgs that can match my idea. Here's have another one called PhET but still not perfect.

Friday, November 20, 2009

How to confirm if NAND Flash has inside wrong data (h/w issue) or s/w issue

I tried to fix a board called avt2 V1.0. It shows "cannot get kernel image" after boot loader finished run. It uses:
a) 2GB Nand flash
c) Ingenic jz4720 CPU

the test s/w is done by Carlos CarmagoXinagFu tought me that the allocation of nand flash is as below,

# 4M            4M         504           1.5G
#|u-boot       |kernel   |  rootfs    |        data           |

The commands for scripts are:

           sudo usbboot -f ./usbboot_2gb_nand_64M.cfg -c "boot;nprog 0 u-boot-nand.bin 0 0 -n"
           sudo usbboot -f ./usbboot_2gb_nand_64M.cfg -c "nprog 1024 uImage 0 0 -n"

After running scripts, it always shows "cannot get image kernel". This image size is around 1.8MB, we tried to use:

           nand erase 0

but this command didn't find any fault. And reflash avt2 again, it still cannot get kernel. So we firstly thought it was an unstable image kernel to cause that. So we reflashed it by XiangFu's codes. His kernel is around 1.5MB. Then it all worked well. So that was really confused us. Because same board with different image kernel but got different results. Especially XiangFu's kernel worked fine. Also then we thought might be have h/w issue on flash itself but we didn't know exactly. Because stage 1 and stage 2 were working well. This means the address and data bus of nand flash are physically connected to cpu and sdram well. So this must be somewhere inside flash defectively. Then XiangFu suggested me to use another avt2 board with same s/w. Then we found that one was totally work perfect. So he suggested that we needed to try to think that can we just moved image kernel shift move a little bit inside flash to see what will it happen. So we changed command as following:

             sudo usbboot -f ./usbboot_2gb_nand_64M.cfg -c "nprog 512 uImage 0 0 -n"

and set boot evironment args into nand as following:

             setenv bootcmd nand read 0x80600000 0x200000 0x200000\;bootm

Then the root cause was found, it run well and can get kernel image. This approved that there might some pages defective around between 5.5MB and 5.8MB inside of flash.

Also there's an easy way to measure how many resistor between V33 and GND pins, the normal value will be around 170K ohm. But if your this board have defective nand flash, sometimes the value will be very lower than 20K ohm.

Beautiful Life + Creative Idea

You guys can take a look on this great blog.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


1, Only through USB download.
2, Hook Up a Board to Board Strong Right Angle (Female <-> Male) * 3 (Right / Left / Bottom)
3, 52912 Connectors for Power connectivity and protocal commands trsnaferring

1, A board to board connector used to connector SLP.
2, A 52912 connector to each or next SAM in series.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Treat your body well / 好好對待自己的身體

Look at my own physical condition, good as a record of inquiries; hopefully later I can have more time to look at my body, whether there are changes in pH, can always draw on the experience of others. Live for nearly 40, and if I want to do something more than self-cultivation like everything is out of discussion of the. But it is pleased to begin doing something these couple days. I rarely make healthy vegetable juice, but fixed a bit for one cup every morning from this week, I believe my physical body should be changed gradually. According to "unlock your physique password" pH test paper presented, I measured my saliva a bit today , yes it's pH7.; Wow!! not bad. But the book there are many clinical cases, I have to tell to clarify the lot, so still have a lot to learn.
So this test paper can let you monitor routinely to know what your physical status now. You can go to their site to see what other care concepts they have.

Item                                       Normal Range           09/22/06     10/02/09         11/09/09
UA uric acid                         (0 ~ 7.0)                     5.7                5.5
CRE creatine                       (0.7 ~ 1.2)                 1.2                1.05
TCH cholesterol                   (130 ~ 200)               222                206                195
TG 3 acid, glycerol              (35 ~ 200)                  68                  77                   94
GLU-AC                                (70 ~ 115)                                        90                   92
Low-density cholesterol      (~ 130)                                             140

回顧一下我自己的身體狀況, 好當作記錄查詢; 等過些時後看看我身體的酸鹼度是否有變化, 別人的經驗總是可以借鏡. 活了快40了, 如果想再做事不多養身我想一切是免談了.  不過很高興的是, 開始做了一些我很少做的健康蔬果汁, 每早固定一杯, 我相信體質應該會改變的.  依照 <解開你的體質密碼> 贈送的高感度酸鹼試紙, 我今天測了一下, 是 pH7.2 耶.    但書中還有很多臨床案例, 我要多多分辨去釐清, 多多學習.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Healthy Vegetable Juice / 健康蔬果汁

Yesterday bought a Philips mixer HR2094, so I started to make a vegetable juice for drink today. I first bought spinach, apples and tomatoes. The first drink is not used to, because I did not put fructose. In short, it's the beginning. Just want to make my own drink perfectly in healthy way.

昨天買了一台飛利浦攪拌機 HR2094, 所以今天開始自己初次做個蔬果汁來喝.我先買了波菜, 蘋果和番茄. 第一次喝不太習慣, 因為我沒放果糖. 總之, 是個開始囉. 希望讓自己喝的健健康康地.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Untie your physique password 解開你的體質密碼

Dr. Chun-Hsu James Chen watched one night, introduced the main speaker, "untie your physique password", how acidic into basic physical importance, I think I adjust this part of the lot; saliva is too acid for the sickness of the source; and You are what you eat. is a fact.
Decided tomorrow to go buy fruit machine playing.

晚上看了一則介紹 陳俊旭主講的<解開你的體質密碼>, 如何將酸性體質轉化為鹼性體質的重要性, 我覺得我該多多調整這一部份; 唾液太酸為百病之源; 而 You are what you eat. 才是真的.
決定了, 明天去買一台打果汁機.

袁詠儀睡眼掃貨 甩富貴千金命 私下超樸素
一直是我的偶像, 不管輿論如何評論她, 我都會一樣的支持她.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Comparison of publicly traded real estate information all countries

I found a news report of a publicly traded real-estate-related information compared to that reminds me of a construction company and real estate and housing transactions between the purchaser information, it really is that government policy can be done moderately open, so that other people can make a fair, just and open the basic principles; now I find that the practice of governments not consistent with my other hand, the Taiwan government in this respect is not enough information out but is also very transparent, and often suffer the people of Taiwan themselves.

Housing data transparency will allow the general public chat solution can be to complete the transaction of housing transactions in the various regions Quotes whether there is land speculation suspected, the public needs to know the transaction information is reliable. In Hong Kong, this part of the relative to do the best; Taiwan are based on the "Personal Data Protection Act" relationship, housing and publicly traded messages but not transparent enough. On the contrary, the United States and mainland China by the industry will be submitted to government agencies, trade information, to some extent, even if disclosed, would still be dealing with the actual population I am afraid will differ. As for Hong Kong is relatively open lot, think of Taiwan, we ourselves are often intermediaries to the monopoly, message reliability, real anger.

The following are the relevant States URL link:


Alopecia areata dermatology inflammatory asthma sputum

I tried to own medical records in this description, it is the hope of finding like me to have the medical records of people can share.

Earlier this year, around February, I began to have sub-blocks of hair loss phenomenon, this phenomenon, I have some Sese throat irritation even after a cold feeling, like; but I did not go to the hospital out-patient services.

However, during which I started in June of this year to National Taiwan University Hospital to see a dermatologist, but did not get a good doctor-patient interaction, which let me have a negative first-class perception of the hospital. From the beginning of this year in June, my work the beginning of a new mileage monument; you must be a person from their own R & D to find material, learning new software, to conduct contracting operations layout also includes a small amount of trial production arrangements; this period, I much pressure here at the same time; I also As always, as far as possible to find time to swimming pool to do leisure activities. but it can not prevent continued hair white; of course, we have seen a case of a number of emotional factors. I found my own body out of the warning, it tells me my own must first eliminate the trouble that can not be lifted, whether it is work, family, feeling all good; only a first take a good body, otherwise the rest no chance.

So, after I have been in September, will go round the head began to feel the short-term phenomenon; even in severe cases every 2 to 5 minutes to have a 1 ~ 2 seconds, dizziness situation, so I think this is incorrect; went to Tzu Chi Hospital, Taipei Branch to see neurologist, initially the pressure physicians feel that perhaps I was too big, just opened an Andiza 25mg/tab Diphenidol so that I can not be too faint. But a week later I was back to the clinics, the doctor said that is invalid, during which I tried to have to relax , there will be better; but still can not change my hair gray ongoing situation. deep down I just want to say I want to do head computed tomography scan to determine my brain, if there were anomalies. I hate hospitals system, doctors usually only want to address with him the relevant part of the health care system, they will in particular for further testing and analysis. I had to re-hang dermatology, the result is said to be "bald patch" / "Alopecia areataonly said to be " is a result of the non-result ", of course, give me some bald patch may occur for all possible phenomena will have the opportunity to create" bald patch ", but also not what I want; time to see a doctor I would say that when I white-laws seriously, my throat like a cold will have a sense of post-inflammatory; but the fact is I did not cold; after I see the body and mind through God Section, are not the result I want to perfect.

I began to want to find their own answers, relying on a specialist is not necessarily able to identify the real problem spots; patients themselves have to think more. Then I found that I should continue to hang ENT, because the ENT system with the human body sense of balance should also be related, so I should look at the ENT and see if they have to implement the clinical experience? the doctors who have to listen to my history; now I can even hand Road, will have a cough, the chest part of the feeling of , but also asthma, is the kind of cold feeling after sputum; issue this feeling in the chest, very bad; The doctor is very open, not only targeted at parts of his own specialty, so she suggested that I should again to hang chest medicine and a cardiologist to see. On 11 / 6, she opened the medicine are:

M340 Strovitan SC tab (Vitamin Complex) Division de Lao Weidan
M198 Songora 50mg/tab (Nicametate Citrate) Shuang Li
A224 Amprazo Pink spindles (Alprazolam) 0.5 mg / tab soft an ingot
M107 Medicon A capsules (Dextromethoorphan + Pot Cresolsulfonate + Lysozyme) by co-capsule cough Rehabilitation
Seven copies of the above.

This also made the following blood tests:
1, Cholesterol
2, Triglyceride
3, Glucose AC
4, CBC and Platelet
So next week to look at inspection reports.

I hope I can find a natural real problem, not unilaterally by the doctor, I sometimes right in Taiwan, the status of the doctor-patient relationship, not very satisfied; but I always think people are still to be thankful heart, a good physician, or exist.

Hope that like me, who have the same diagnosis or physician can be very determined to concentrate on post-secondary study group of patients we do with each other to provide some information to more people can access information.

我試著將自己的病歷在此述說, 是希望找到能有跟我一樣的病歷的人可以一起分享.

我在今年初大約二月開始有小區塊的掉髮現象, 有這現象時, 我喉嚨有些澀澀甚至像感冒後發炎的感覺; 但我都沒有去醫院看門診.

但從今年六月期間我開始去台大醫院看皮膚科, 但並沒有獲得很好的醫病互動關係, 這讓我對一流的醫院有了負面的觀感. 從今年六月開始, 我的工作開始進入一個新的哩程碑; 必須需自己一個人由研發設計找材料, 學新軟體, 要進行 layout 發包作業, 還包括小量試產安排; 這期間我壓力很大, 於此同時; 我也一如往常, 儘可能找時間去游泳池做休閒活動. 但能無法阻止不斷的頭髮變白; 當然其間有遇上一些感情的因素. 我開始發現自己的身體出了警訊, 這告訴我我自己必須要先剷除一些不能解除的煩惱, 不管是工作, 家庭, 感情都好; 祇有先顧好身體, 否則其餘免談.

所以我在經過九月中過後, 開始覺得頭部會有昏眩的短暫現象;甚至嚴重時每2~5分鐘護會有一次1~2秒的昏眩情況, 所以我覺得這樣不對; 就去慈濟醫院台北分院看神經科, 起初醫師覺得也許我是壓力過大, 祇開了個 安暈朗錠 Andiza 25mg/tab Diphenidol 讓我可以不會太暈. 但一週後我又回診, 向醫師說無效, 其間我試著有去放鬆心情, 也會有好一點; 但仍無法改變我持續頭髮變白的情況. 我心理祇想說我想要做頭部電腦斷層掃瞄, 以確定我腦部裡是否有異常狀況. 我很討厭醫院的系統, 醫生通常只會想針對跟他的醫療範疇有關的部份, 他們才會特別作進一步檢測與分析. 我只好再掛皮膚科, 結果也只是說是"圓形禿", 僅說是 " 是果非因 ", 當然給我了一些可能會發生圓形禿的所有可能現象都會有機會造成 "圓形禿", 但這也都不是我要的; 每次看一位醫生我都會說當我白髮嚴重時, 我的喉嚨都會有一種像是感冒後的發炎的感覺; 但事實是我根本沒有感冒; 之後我又去看身心醫學科, 但都沒有獲得我想要的完美結果.

我開始想要自己找尋答案, 靠一種專科醫師並不一定能找出真正的問題點; 病人自己也要多想想. 後來我發現我應該要繼續掛耳鼻喉科, 因為耳鼻喉系統跟人體的平衡感應該也有關係, 所以我也應看看耳鼻喉科並看看他們是否有實際的臨床經驗? 這位醫師有把我的病史聽進去; 現在我甚至手路胸口部份都會有咳嗽的感覺, 而且會喘,  是那種感冒後有痰的感覺; 問題這感覺是在胸口, 很不好; 這位醫師很 open , 不會祇管他自己的專科部份, 所以她也建議我要再去掛胸腔內科與心臟內科去看看. 這次她開的藥有 :

M340 Strovitan SC tab (Vitamin Complex) 司脫勞維丹
M198 Songora 50mg/tab (Nicametate Citrate) 爽力
A224 Amprazo 粉紅錠 (Alprazolam) 0.5 mg/tab 柔安錠
M107 Medicon A膠囊(Dextromethorphan+Pot Cresolsulfonate+Lysozyme) 減咳康複合膠囊

1, Cholesterol
2, Triglyceride
3, Glucose AC
4, CBC and Platelet

希望我可以找到自然真正的問題, 不能單方面的靠醫生, 在台灣我有時候對現況的醫病關係, 不是很滿意; 但我總是想人還是要心存感恩心, 好的醫師, 還是存在的.

希望跟我有同樣診狀的人或是有心的醫師能夠很專心地專研我們這樣的一群病人, 相互提供一些資訊給更多的人可以查閱參考.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to create partition for Micro-SD in linux

I just learned that how to create a partition for Micro-SD card; A quick look you can see this link in more details.

5 inch E-ink BookReader

There's a lot of E-Ink products released this end of year. Here's an example.

And N518 has an Ingenic CPU jz4740 to do related E-ink products.