Sunday, December 26, 2010

GPL, BSD or else?

I've still not understood them as well among GPL, BSD or else one. It's quite annoying me. I read a very good article about this. Like the one of "Are you sure you want to use GPL?" which written on Thursday, February 12, 2009. As Armin Ronacher mentioned that:

Recap -- "Before you license your code under an Open Source license: Think about the license! Both types of licenses have their advantages and disadvantages and it would be stupid to use the GPL without thinking just because “everybody does”. Many just do because they haven't read the license either."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Milkymist One Early Developer Kits (EDK)

Milkymist One Early Developer Kits (EDK) will be sold starting December 27th
by our partner Bearstech at the occasion of the 27C3.

The kit includes a Milkymist One bare board, a high speed JTAG/serial pod
supported by open source software, a power supply adapter and a USB cable. The
boards are fully factory-tested and pre-flashed with Milkymist SoC and

The price will be 380€ including 19.6% VAT. Any remaining stock will be
orderable online from Bearstech's webshop Hackable Devices after January 2nd.

a Milkymist One bare board with acrylic case shown here.