Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NanoNote+Arduino Video Clip

David posted an application that using Ben NanoNote pocket computer and Arduino plateform. If you are interested with them, you can aslo see more info from here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Incredible! So such fantastic! The stunning voice comes unexpectedly. Without a doubt that her performance shows extraordinarily sanguine 'singer'. What I've learnt from this is believing your whiz which is only you can do. Everyone is pulled willy-nilly into this legend. Me too. This program makes me remembered an article called TV Could Nourish Minds and Hearts. Ellwood Kieser(TIME, Sept. 14, 1992, p. 80). I liked its said. Look at her! Her's every piece of smiles is so purely innocence. Not only her voice also this made my eye almost tear. I believe that approves wonderful thing of The Sound of Music is existed everywhere.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Install ffmpeg2theora

With this tool, you can easily convert MOV file into OGV file.
1, Firstly get into download page to download.
2, Get into your download path to follow up installations.
3, Reference to the EXAMPLES or command line examples segment to enjoy it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

2nd Trip to Shenzhen

如前次一般,再次又來到熟悉的赤鱲角機場,不同的是,這次我選擇乘坐國泰航空,讓自己旅途舒適點。此時還是早上 9: 20 分,已抵達這裡,沒有9年前的興奮但也沒有莫名的感傷。有時候祇是會慶幸現在的自己,雖無拘無束,卻也不會殷切奇盼著有很特別的未來。 8 點下了飛機,正等著搭船去內地的我。很高興可以去見見老闆,心情不再是壓力的呈現。


我很怕暈船,今天的香港機場渡船碼頭風蠻大的,看著渡船搖晃的樣子,生平平衡感不好的我~不是滋味!!! 還好坐著坐著遙望遠處好一些。

這回沒有像上次那樣有買材料的壓力,這次邊吃飯邊閒聊著以後的方向。晚上我們多是去品嘗中式料理,W吃得挑一點,我呢吃ㄆㄣ長大的,甚麼都好! Yi 和我當然會點一些我們喜歡的東西~哈哈~~我跟Yi說W太胖了該注意些~W也老總是再說再說啦~這次W變成老人家了~腰扭著了,我都忘了拍拍他的樣子~哈哈~一路這三天半我們都說笑著~不過W總要喝 Starbuck說是動力的來源! 我倆只好都順著他!~他其實總是嘴硬~呵呵~後來才知道他以前不喝 coffee的,是在OM咖啡因中毒了~ㄏㄏ。
我們像是小孩一樣,總是要求他們快一點啦~錢不是問題等等的~有時受不了內地人的做事方式,但隔天後;W總又會說: 他可能感受壓力很大,我們還是放過他好了;免得他受不了我們等等的~~呵呵。




CX468 航班來了......

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hot Blooded

I learnt this phrase today. I still don't understand that what meaning involved? People sometimes are moving slowly to a firm target he/she wondered at some times then. Developing his/her plans to achieve their profitable assets which are not originally belonged to themselves.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The week: Open Hardware

There's a news about open hardware. The discussion is described in German. Check here. Or using google translattion in here. More news about Qi /Sharism, see their product called Pocket computer with an open hardware platform for 99 euros.

New ways of get in touch with Qi Hardware community

David always have incredible promotive idea on pictures, flyers with his artistry.
New ways of get in touch with Qi Hardware community

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

RF & SENSOR Modules

Uncluttering the copyleft hardware planet

"Copyleft hardware is commercial hardware, targeted to non-technical folks, people who want to have a life and are in no way clamoring for an opportunity to build their own electronic devices. Copyleft hardware really needs a good looking case. It's not do-it-yourself hardware, it's not for makers, it's for manufacturers." said by Wolfgang. For more details, see this.

microSD Card Description and Pin Out

Monday, April 5, 2010


為了多學習英文撰寫範例: 可以當作參考;

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your continued support of The AAAA Corporation Limited.

依據行中華民國(下同) YY年MM月DD日之通知,本行於取得相關主管機關之核准後,本行在台(下稱{XXXX銀行在台分行})之營業,資產及負債,除部分保留資產及保留負債外,將以分割方式,移轉由XX 集團完全持有之子銀行XXXXX股份有限公司(以下簡稱{XX(台灣)商銀})承受。
We refer to our letter dated DD MM YY in which we informed you that, subject to regulatory, the businesses, assets and liabilities of The AAAA Corporation Limited in Taiwan("XXXX Taiwan Branch"), with the exception of certain retained assets and liabilities, will be transferred to and assumed by a whollyowned subsidiary of the XX Group, named XXXXX Bank (Taiwan) Limited ("XX Taiwan Subsidiary"), by way of de-merger.

本行很高興在此通知您,本行業已取得行政院金融監督管理委員會之分割核准,並於取得其他必要之主管機關的全部核准後, 將於YY年MM月DD日零時起,由XX(台灣)商銀承受XX銀行在台分行全部之交易、文件、合約、權利及義務,為部分將由XX銀行在台分行保留之交易、文件、合約、權利及義務,則不在此限。
We are pleased to advise you that we have now received the Financial Supervisory Commission's approval in respect of our de-merger and, subject to receipt of all other regulatory approvals, as may be required, XX Taiwan Subsidiary will assume all of XX Taiwan Branch's transactions, documents, agreements, rights and obligations, other than those which may be retained by XX Taiwan Branch, with effect from 00:00 on DD MM YY.

Administrative details relating to certain banking products and services, some of which will be changed with effect from DD MM YY, are listed in the attachment for your reference. All other terms and conditions and the status of your relationship will remain unchanged unless announced, advised to and/or agreed with you in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and agreements. In addition, we will also post such information at our branches and on our internet website (......) on or after DD MM YY.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact your existing branch, relationship manager or service contact, or call our customer enquiry team on ****** for assistance at any time.

The XX Group is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world, with well-established business in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. The Group's investment in this new banking subsidiary confirms the importance of Taiwan, both as part of XX's Greater China platform and as a key growth market in its own right. We are greateful for your continued trust and support.

Yours faithfully,