Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

This is an article described that how you face a worse situation and how you turn that a case to a positive thinking. Teaching you how you can overcome it and make a success. This slam i got from Wolfgang told me, he tried to teach me something.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Be careful about your own experiences

DEADLINE post-it stop motion

Have you ever realized why most students they educated from schools and their government paid part of fee of education but forgot to share back into community and society. We can say you got all of knowledge based on living open-knowledge-sharing environments then. But why can not share your knowledge during works. Does it because working at goals to profitable company rules or just forget those many basis which learned from schools? Many people hind their own assets called maybe "experiences".
When I was watching that video from YouTube, I was so shocked by his motivation, imagination and creation. No matter what experiences like professional employees possessed, he just did an incredible production. Do you really think that everyone must work in the related field then good quality work will be came out!!! Upon condition like that video proposed, we would say every incredible thing doesn't need more qualified or senior experiences to create it, we only need to have a great "enthusiasm". He chose a most simply "postit" to finish this. Amazing right? So the most important thing is not how many tools we own and what kind of experiences we have.
I think everyone knows that sometimes your experiences will kill yourself and let you addicted into unrecoverable situation even you probably still not be aware of how serious it is.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

copyright & copyleft

Do you think the most interesting phenomenon in the world is that there's always two sides of viewing on things. Right and left, east and west and so on. What's the real meanings? Firstly please check it out here. And now Qi proposed that this concept with quite clear strategy which tried to achieve it. I pasted here:

Copyleft Hardware

"Qi Hardware is copyleft hardware. Our mission, provide free software developers with stable, mass market quality hardware that they can develop compelling end user applications on. I’ll contrast this with some efforts we’ve witnessed in the past where the hardware was not stable and not consumer ready. The openness of that hardware could not overcome the problems of instability, and software development floundering in the quicksand of changing hardware. At Qi the hardware designs are selected because they are stable and shipping in mass quantities and because they can be opened and safeguarded for free software development. In some cases the hardware designs already run some version of a Linux kernel, but the kernel is outdated and reprogramming the device to other purposes is complicated. We make that task easy. Our key commitment is delivering stable, working, high quality hardware to free software developers. With that firm foundation software developers can focus on making insanely great end user applications.
Our process starts by finding shipping hardware that can be opened. We work with manufacturers throughout Asia and either source hardware that can easily be opened or work with them to engineer open versions. Our hardware engineering efforts are focused on documenting these designs, publishing them under copyleft licenses, and then fostering a collaborative community effort to improve the designs. This engineering effort will utilize free software tools such as KiCAD and HeeksCAD, and copyleft the complete electrical and mechanical design.
Copyleft hardware is hardware with a future. In a proprietary system the end user is at the mercy of product life cycle. In the proprietary world there is a scheduled end of life — EOL. At that date software support ends; the hardware roadmap hits the wall. With copyleft hardware there is no EOL. The design is always open for enhancement and extension; and, with GPL software running on the hardware, end users always have the freedom to support themselves and each other. The roadmap for hardware is open. Because the designs are copyleft any engineer with an idea can create a new design, but only those willing to share back the design can take advantage of it. At Qi our roadmap philosophy will be simple — add capability in an incremental fashion. This ensures a focused software development effort."
You can also see the translation in Chinese version here.
I do really look forward to seeing how this strategy will help people to apply for their own ideas to be implemented even to be entered any market.

Qi-hardware Inc.

I'd like to introduce an interesting company . I do really want to thank my ex-colleagues here:

Wolfgang who was my direct boss in openmoko. He has the same style as mine I think, but I never told him.

Tully who was my most funny colleagues in openmoko. He always has a crazy or an incredible idea came out to share. Like he established this Samurai Circuits which is layout web company allowed you can get on-line quotation and short time layout.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Currently I've learned a lot of programs about open source. But what's the opensource real meanings I don't know...I only know that there's no knowledge that can be protected or patented, isn't it?


I loved airship idea when I was a child. Slowly fly in the sky but imagined what you can see everything on the earth. It's fantastic. You can check an airship called SkyHook manufactured by Boeing.

Fujitsu Lifebook V1020 + Ubuntu9.04

One month ago I installed Ubuntu9.04 into my Fujitsu Lifebook V1020. I almost uses it everyday. I love it even having some features which does not work well, but i think it'll be fixed one day. Now it's my working "machine".

a) Ubuntu9.04,
b) Seamonkey, i found this, so just wanted to use and try.
c) KiCad, it's a GPL'd suite of programs for EDA (Electronic Design Automation). I am learning it.
d) GitHub, it's kind of hard to me, but i keep using it

一個在地的好咖啡 - 伯朗咖啡

這兩天我去了我愛去的地方 - 桃園機場, 去看我喜歡看的廣體客機及聽那飛機引擎聲. 順便喝杯咖啡.

伯朗咖啡館(伯朗咖啡股份有限公司),成立於1998年12月,是金車公司秉持著二十年的咖啡製作經驗與品牌信譽,跨足餐飲服務業的首度嘗試,伯朗咖啡館 只使用精選的Arabica豆,堅持每週適量烘焙新鮮咖啡豆。從創始店開始,伯朗咖啡館以「提供客戶好咖啡,創造本土咖啡文化」為企業目標,並以高品質咖 啡的市場定位,歐洲風味的美術裝潢基調,開創出屬於自己的風格。

多麼慶幸我自己從宜蘭員山鄉在地長大, 這個時候有種想以 Mr. Brown 看齊的想法.

BLUETECHNIX - Tinyboards : Blackfin / Freescale Processor Modules and Development

BLUETECHNIX - Tinyboards : Blackfin / Freescale Processor Modules and Development

We found that Analog Device it started to cooperated with those vendors to help them promot Blackfin processors which can be supported with Linux system to opensource projects. It was a trend that ic design houses they were trying to touch open community to get more markets. Can you imagine that one day TI may be or will be having the same strategy on it. But try to think several lessions needed to be done firstly.