Saturday, May 29, 2010


Administrative details referred to in the covering letter effective DD May 2010.

* General Banking
- Your account number and account details remain unchanged.
- The Bank Code (AAA) and SWIFT Code (BBBBBBBB) remain unchanged.
- All branch locations and telephone numbers remain unchanged.
- Cheque books, ATM cards, Visa Debit Cards and Credit Cards issued by CCCC Taiwan Branch prior to 1 May 2010 remian valid.
- Any mortgages you have with us, together with any security arrangements, will be transferred to CCCC Taiwan Subsidiary on 1 May 2010. At the beginning of 2011, you will receive seperate loan interest certificates pertaining to the mortgage loan interest received - one from CCCC Taiwan Branch for the period 1 January 2010 to 30 April 2010 and another one from CCCC Taiwan Subsidiary for the period 1 May 2010 to 31 December 2010.

* Counter transfers and inward domestic remittances
- If you are to receive domestic inward payments in NTD after 1 May 2010, please advise the remitting party that NTD payments are to be directed to your account as follows:
        Your Name:
        Your Account Number:
        Beneficiary Bank: CCC Bank (Taiwan) Limited
        Bank Code Number: ***

* Inward remittances from abroad or in foreign currency
- If you are to receive inward pyments in foreign currencies or from countries outside of Taiwan for value date after 1 May 2010, please advise the remitting party that payments are to be directed to your account as follows:
        Your Name:
        Your Account Number:
        Beneficiary Bank CCC Bank (Taiwan) Limited
        SWIFT Code: ********

* Repayment of loans including mortgages, car loans, personal loans, cash cards and credit cards
- If you wish to repay any loans through local remittances after 1 May 2010, please advise the remitting party that payments are to be directed to CCCC Bank (Taiwan) Limited. All other remittance details for repayment of your loan remain unchanged.
- Any credit card payments slips issued prior to 1 May 2010 remain valid until 1 August 2010. We will issue a new credit card payment slip after 1 May 2010.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Milkymist project news, May 20th

Milkymist has posted news on From my views, being as an pioneer who strongly insists on promoting the live synthesis of interactive visual effects for VJs (video performance artists). It's not easy for me to do this thing even I've been not found my interesting area. But there's an obvious phenomenon is only do what you CAN do or easily LEARN from your current skills you have now. And  keep moving forward then a few contributors will join your paradise yard. Doesn't it?

I like his idea on three sub-projects: the Milkymist™ One interactive VJ station ( I am supporting him on this. ), the Milkymist™ SoC and the Flickernoise VJ software. All of them are huge and not available now. How I can learn from him to handle those three big projects is important to me. Because I still have also three big ideas to be moving on this moment. No idea that I can kick off myself. Am I lost myself now?

But again, I like activity of the STOP Software Patents . EU Petition. When will Taiwan also come out this kind of one? Don't know. I gave my point views on here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My First Python Book

Eventually I bought a book of Programming Python by Mark Lutz. Why I wanted to buy this handbook. The reasons are:
1, Free Tool, not like other Wxxx...
2, Easily readable back when I am elder.
3, Don't need to learn new Wxxx....operation system every time when OS is upgraded.
4, Learn this language one time in Linux then get myself happiness.
5, Build my own test environment.
6, Learn a GUI tool by Python to go for my goals to have a retirement plan.

Christopher  & Carlos suggested me also to learn this great language. They have more experiences than me in this such field. Especially Christopher pointed me that repository which have a testudo I can start to study from it. That's the test program he did for that device. I was happy that I can co-work with him when I was at openmoko. So no more wrong directions should be happened unexpectedly as following their past ways in possessing skills with over ten to twenty years. How such stupid I did to follow Wxxxxx....for several years! I made a very very stupid mistake! There are tons of softwares that use Python here. Damn it! I learn this too slow! Well.....actually not slow to an elder Adam now. I'll see where I can go. But then a real one thing is that I really got an obliviousness about leaving my scooter stayed at underground parking of Taipei Shien City Hall. And took a 307 bus back home. As usual way to back my home. Suddenly, indeed I am very elder now..hehe..
一些中文 Python 教學 Web sites:
1, Python 教學文件
2, Python教學
3, 程式語言: 教學誌
4, 遊戲設計-pygame
5, The Eric Python IDE

Thursday, May 13, 2010

13 Open source hardware companies making $1 Million or More

I was thinking that Future this word is not meant you should make yourself ready on something then you will meet or make it. What I am envolving on the field is  an unknown businese model or scale we meet. Looking on video below you will see that how and where those comminities are moving forward. How to make FUNny open source hardware with easy is a much exciting topic for me. I tried to find a way that can easily come through via normal live and life. But it's not easy also not difficult somehow. Start from ground, fly in the sky! 

You could also ref. to here.