Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hongshulin Danshui / 紅樹林淡水散步

For taking the time today, went to the Hongshulin Station  then started walking slowly  to the Danshui Station. The following of course is on the way to harvest.
When I discovered only when it was fast and light to catch a fish already, I was too late to catch;
There I like Ipomoea nil.
Cycling alongside the works of the doodles, but how that people found and felt about this "art" when got up in the morning!
Arrival to Danshui station, first thing was went to satisfy my stomach. I always want to eat meat buns and attractive 40-year, then just continued to walk to. If tired, just sit somewhere and took 
overlooking Bali from the opposite side, listening the sound of people come and go.
Watch the street performers, my hearts always throbbing, especially when I watch tear doll played. Children sit at the side like as a ring, and some children being frightened, some unthinkingly embraced the doll. It was a great warm inside my heart. 

今天抽空去了紅樹林站, 想說在捷運紅樹林站下車慢慢散步走到淡水站去. 當然途中有一點小收穫囉.

當我發現這隻時它正快速且輕盈地叼起溪水裡的一隻魚, 我來不及捕捉嘴叼魚的剎那;ㄏㄏ,
自行車道旁的塗鴨作品, 不過這人家當初早上起來發現不知心情如何, ㄏㄏ
到了淡水~先甜飽肚子後~往淡水老街去~我總是要去吃愛不釋手的40年肉包~就這麼繼續散步去~累了~就坐著遙望對面的八里與觀音山~ 聽聽人來人往的歡笑聲.

每次觀賞街頭藝人表演~心中總是非常悸動, 尤其是~扯玩偶的技耍~看著三四歲的小孩環坐一旁, 有的小孩被嚇著了~有的不假思索地就擁抱著玩偶~嬉戲弄了一番~這畫面心理好溫馨~

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