Monday, January 4, 2010

[Kicad] DRC err and Drill file

Today I tried to know that how to create a drill file in PCBnew of Kicad and check pcb by DRC function. Then something encountered I didn't know. So I posted email to list to ask. We'll see the real answers later. jeje...

Also I asked Kicad list for help.

Then later I got this reply. And I tried to find some things as following:
file misaligned:
1] Plot settings - Gerber, plot origine: absolute, spot min: 0.015, Lines Width: 0.0010, all other settings though greyed out must be as defaults
2] Drill export settings - suppress leading zeroes, 2:4, drill origine: absolute, via drill 0.025, drill sheet: none
3] Check alignment using gerbv:
free Gerber view package (kicad's gerbview does not yet support examination of .drl drill files)<<<<  but now it's 2010. Jan. I don't know that how is current status.
4] Check also by way of:!freedfmstep1.asp

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