Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fingerprint Recognition System

What led me to start to discover the field of Digital Image Processing? I think, strictly speaking, since undergraduate subject started. I was been thinking that many basic courses I studied like Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Signal and Linear SystemLinear Algebra, Elements of Engineering Probability & Statistics, Communication System and Engineering Electromagnetics. What do those used for? What important role do they apply to? I was wondering, so tried to search which field I would involve in among them. When the first semester went over, Jaskey talked me we can ask Dr. Lo for subject consultation. Dr. Lo proposed many fields we can take consideration. So we chose this and every thing just happened smoothly. And I realized those courses are the base. Each of them cannot be lacked.

I hope use this subject to be as a milestone to remember those teachers Ph.D. Rong-Chin Lo, Ph.D. Shing-Chern You and so on. Hope this can explore my discovery travel.

This subject concludes previous courses which play different roles as follow: 
SoftwareSectorization, Normalization, Gabor Filterization, Variance CalculationMatching 
TheoryFeature Extraction, Matching, Statistics 
DSP2D ConvolutionGabor Filters, Variance(Statistics)
MatlabFor proof of concept before implementation.
You can easily know this tech. I may keep updating this if have time. 
Basically I posted this is to let anybody who wants to know the gabor filter implemented to computer science, so this is just am example for fingerprint recognition
If you google the key words "cheng long adam wang fingerprint recognition system", you will find a lot of this, I posted this on the google for link firstly in the end of 2002, now there's a lot of people use it, I thought I got those knowledge from internet, then did a GUI program on Matlab; so just feedback to internet again. Someone has developed to a new one and based on my first version of GUI program and started to sell it couples years ago; I really don't like such a way. I hope here even if someone you want to get the source codes for your project, but please just respect all the contribution of spreading computer science conceipts not business thinking. Because one day you can find the truth back in the internet.

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