Friday, July 24, 2009

Be careful about your own experiences

DEADLINE post-it stop motion

Have you ever realized why most students they educated from schools and their government paid part of fee of education but forgot to share back into community and society. We can say you got all of knowledge based on living open-knowledge-sharing environments then. But why can not share your knowledge during works. Does it because working at goals to profitable company rules or just forget those many basis which learned from schools? Many people hind their own assets called maybe "experiences".
When I was watching that video from YouTube, I was so shocked by his motivation, imagination and creation. No matter what experiences like professional employees possessed, he just did an incredible production. Do you really think that everyone must work in the related field then good quality work will be came out!!! Upon condition like that video proposed, we would say every incredible thing doesn't need more qualified or senior experiences to create it, we only need to have a great "enthusiasm". He chose a most simply "postit" to finish this. Amazing right? So the most important thing is not how many tools we own and what kind of experiences we have.
I think everyone knows that sometimes your experiences will kill yourself and let you addicted into unrecoverable situation even you probably still not be aware of how serious it is.

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